I'm pleased to offer the following services to help you find the solutions you need. From developing a prototype software in the start-up's infancy to building an MVP for the next major milestone, I work with my clients closely each step of the way. Keep in mind that each service can be completely customized to your project and needs to ensure the most successful outcome.

Image by Mikkel Bech
Image by Harley-Davidson


Conventional software prototyping involves wireframing the UI and UX with no functionality. While it is nice to interact with a visually attractive app to start feeling the product early, it can be costly financially and for the time spent developing it. Also, this type of prototyping does not help you find early blockers that may arise from technical difficulties without any functionality implemented. For a small start-up, you can skip this step altogether with me. I will use the standard CSS frameworks to keep the prototype's look and feel generic yet polished and dive straight into implementing the core functionalities. We will be able to spot any severe blockers early on and waste no time tackling the most critical issues.


MVP release is the crucial first impression for the precious first few clients. With such a lot at stake, many companies overestimate and overpromise the product's features. This, unfortunate, results in rushing to meet the deadlines and allocates not enough time to test the product before its release. Clients expect to try elegant and straightforward software that just works instead receive something unintuitive to use and full of bugs. This can all be prevented if only the team had an experienced developer who could give accurate estimates to keep the scope in check. Over many years of providing software consultancy services, I have mastered estimating the efforts required for a wide range of software development tasks.


Releasing your software to the production environment can be the most exciting yet nerve-racking experience, and that is because the world will test your system at a scale your system has never experienced before. The key to successfully supporting a large userbase and continuing to add more features is a massive engineering challenge that you must prepare before launching the product. I will spearhead this effort by laying the roadmap with small incremental tasks resulting in an automated CI/CD release pipeline for the staging and production environments. With the streamlined process in place, your product can stay agile and continue to evolve without the unnecessary engineering overhead.